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Construction Update - April 18 , 2018

Infrastructure repairs/roadway reconstruction
   February to October 2018 --

Current Construction

  • Leech Lake Water Line Replacement  - This project is now complete. 

Leech Lake Water Line Replacement

York Lake Road, from Queen Street heading south for approximately one kilometre, was closed February 26 for replacement of the Leech Lake water line, which runs adjacent to the roadway. This project is now complete and York Lake Road is open for traffic as usual. 

Commonly Asked Questions - Leech Lake Water Line Replacement

Q:  What is the Leech Lake Water Line? 
A:   A water line that brings raw water from a well to the water treatment plant for treatment. This is one of 13 wells that supply the City. 

Q:  What area is affected by this project?
A:   The water line to be replaced runs along the West side of York Lake Road from Queen Street to the City limits, approximately one kilometre to the South. 

Q: What work will be carried out  to replace the water line? 
A: The existing old water line will be dug up and replaced. 

Q: When will construction work begin?
A:  Work began Monday February 26, 2018.

Q: What is the expected completion date for construction?
A: This project was completed April 18, 2018    

Q: Will there be road closures and detours?
A: York Lake Road from Queen Street south for approximately one kilometre will be closed with local resident traffic only permitted.  All other traffic will be redirected to use Skilnick Road or other options.  Signage will be posted prior to any closures/detours.

Q: Were surrounding residents notified of the project?
A: Residents affected directly by the closure have been contacted. 

Q: If we have concerns or questions about the project who should we call?
A: Questions or concerns about the project should be directed to the Environment Services Department @ 306-828-2470.



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