Animal Services

Yorkton has a number of services available for domestic and wild animal concerns. To ensure public safety and to allow residents to enjoy their properties, the City of Yorkton enforces rules around pet ownership, licensing and control.

Dog parks
Dog parks can be a great place for your dogs to exercise and socialize. Yorkton has one off-leash dog park, Wiggley Field.
Lost and found dogs and cats
The City of Yorkton contracts the Yorkton SPCA to be our pound keeper. If a Community Safety Officer finds a cat or dog running at large, the SPCA houses the animal as explained in the Animal Control Bylaw.
Deceased or injured animals
If you find a deceased or injured animal, contact the Yorkton SPCA at 306-783-4080.
Wild animals or pests

For small wild animals in the City limits, please contact:

City of Yorkton Parks Office: 306-786-1780

Examples of animals in this category include insects, gophers and other small pests. 

For large wild and protected animals, please contact:

Saskatchewan Conservation Officers: 306-786-5716 or 800-567-4224

Examples of animals in this category include moose, deer, wolves, owls, eagles, falcons, ducks, geese, song birds and all water fowl.