Fire Ban Status

There are currently no fire restrictions or bans on for the City of Yorkton.

There are currently no fire bans on for the R.M. of Orkney and the R.M. of Wallace.

Fire bans within Yorkton City limits, R.M. of Orkney and R.M. of Wallace are issued by the Yorkton Fire Chief.

Fire bans are based on current weather conditions and the potential risks involved. Subscribe to this page for updated changes.

Controlled burns

What is a controlled burn?

We understand there are times when farm operations need to burn fields or accumulations of clean wood from clearing land. We want it to be done safely. In order to conduct a controlled burn you must:

  1. Ensure there is no fire ban in effect within your jurisdiction;
  2. Ensure a fire break is in place to prevent unintentional spread of fire;
  3. The entire fire is monitored at all times. If someone can't see it, it is not considered to be monitored;
  4. You have access to enough water to put the fire out in an unforeseen change in conditions; and
  5. Report the controlled burn to the Province of Saskatchewan controlled burn hot line 1-866-404-4911.

You do not need to call our local department to report a controlled burn. You only need to contact the provincial controlled burn reporting hotline above.

Learn about SK fire bans