Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee provides advice to Council on environmental stewardship. We assist municipal staff with the protection, restoration and conservation of the natural environment within the Municipality. We have a group made of seven public members and two members of council.

Member eligibility

To become a member of the Environmental Committee, please view our committee requirements and submit an application form.

Members are appointed by City Council on an annual basis. You can find vacancies posted through our Committees page, as well as in the City News ads.

Committee meetings

Please visit our Council Calendar for details, minutes and agendas.


One of the key focus areas of the committee is to provide input into initiatives, pilot projects and activities the residents could participate in to show leadership and awareness in promoting energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to a changing climate.

The Environmental Committee has teamed up with many corporate sponsors to bring new initiatives to Yorkton.

Current and past projects

Don't Bag It – Mulch It (2014 to 2015)

The Environmental Committee introduced the "Don't Bag It - Mulch It" program to city residents in 2014 and expanded the program in 2015 to include a residential composting component.

Residents were invited to participate in the program for a chance to showcase their lawn and lawn care practices by utilizing lawn clippings and compost rather than disposing of them in their residential waste. Participants were judged based on their lawn care and compost record logs, as well as their lawn appearance.

Logan Green recycling bins (2017)

The Environmental Committee and the Environmental Services department added recycling bins to the Logan Green walking trails and fish pond. These bins included individual slots for fiber materials such as papers and cardboard, plastic recycling and can and bottle recycling.

YBID Bottle Basket Program (2019)

The Environmental Committee, Environmental Services department, and Yorkton Business Improvement District (YBID) partnered together to purchase 10 bottle baskets. Bottle baskets are designed to be attached to garbage cans located in the Downtown District of Yorkton. These baskets were attached to 10 garbage cans from First Avenue to 5th Avenue, including City Center Park.