Plans Reports and Studies

The City of Yorkton develops plans and completes reports and studies to improve and support our community now and in the future. These documents provide our staff with goals, and actions to be achieved. It is important to note that Plans, Reports and Studies are used in conjunction to advance municipal policies.


Council Priorities 

Council and senior staff held a Strategic Priority planning session on on November 20 & 21, 2020 to identify strategic topics for discussion, explore the potential of each strategic topic and determine strategic priorities and actions for implementation.

The strategic priority planning session identified:

  • Strategic possibilities for possible implementation
  • Strategic priorities for attention now, next and later
  • Recommendations for follow-up

Participants conducted a rapid scan of what is working well and areas for attention. They used the following community sustainability pillars, which encompass the strategic goals of the Yorkton 2020 Strategic Plan:


Maintaining a healthy and natural environment through responsible use, protection and sustainable practices. 


Ensuring well maintained infrastructure and facilities that meet community needs and allow growth and development for prosperity.


Building a strong and vibrant community by attracting, supporting and retaining businesses and residents. 


Building social capital and engaging citizens and partners to improve the well-being and diversity of the community.


Maintaining a fiscally sustainable government focused on strategic decision-making, transparency and inclusiveness.

Councillors and staff identified 100 issues and opportunities and current projects in response to the question, "What do you think are the significant issues and opportunities facing the organization and the community we serve?".

Participants then indicated the top items they felt the organization should focus on. Those items were ranked and collectively a list of "Now" and "Next" priorities were determined. All the information was gathered into a Council Priorities Chart. The intention is that this document will be reviewed and updated quarterly. 

 COUNCIL Priorities Chart 

Economic development

Planning and development

Recreation and community services


Water and sewer services


Why does the City issue plans?

The City of Yorkton creates many different types of plans. Official plans, draft plans and strategic plans are just a few examples that we create or work with directly. These plans provide Council and staff with the necessary common focus, priorities, outcomes and strategies to be pursued over the short and long term.

Why does the City publish reports?

We create reports as a method of communication between staff and key constituencies, such as Council, senior administration, agencies, stakeholders and the public. These reports provide vital information and recommendations to Yorkton City Council and the public to ensure we have the best information to base current and future decisions.

Why does the City complete studies?

We complete or oversee a variety of studies. Studies provide vital findings and research that is required to implement the principals and policies of Yorkton Council. Depending on the type of study, Council may adopt specific policies upon completion of this research.