Tax Rate and Calculator

We collect property taxes on behalf of local school boards and the City. Both the School Board and Council establish their own budget and determine the total amount of revenue needed for services.

Property taxes are due annually by June 30, covering the calendar year January 1 to December 31.

Education tax

The Province of Saskatchewan sets the tax rate for your school tax. This is determined every year as part of the Provincial Budget process.

The City of Yorkton does not keep this portion of your tax bill; we collect the money and pay it to the appropriate school board every month.

Municipal tax

The City of Yorkton supports residents and businesses in building and sustaining a strong community through strategic, responsible planning and sound fiscal policy.

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Municipal tax tools

The Saskatchewan Government offers a number of tax tools for the City of Yorkton to use at our disposal. These tools are a mechanism allowing council to redistribute the cost of public services within its tax base.

Council implemented the use of sub-classes, which groups similar properties together to ensure a consistent level of taxation in the city.

The Mill Rate Bylaw combines two other tax tools the City of Yorkton uses to raise the amount of revenue required for general municipal use, the Mill Rate Factor and Base Tax.

The base tax collected on residential and multi family properties fund Protective Services and the Recreation Services Levy.

The Recreation Services Levy, previously known as the Gallagher Centre levy, was collected to pay off the debt incurred when we expanded the Gallagher Centre. The debt was paid in full in 2020, and Council agreed to keep the levy on for future recreation services projects.

These projects include:

  • Gallagher Centre upgrades
  • Kinsmen Arena upgrades
  • Deer Park Golf Course upgrades

In 2023, Council implemented a base tax on all residential properties to save money for the future Yorkton Hospital build. Commercial properties also pay for a portion through their general mill rate.

 Non-Residential Phase-In Bylaw

The 2021 Revaluation caused shifts in the tax base for the Commercial sector. Council passed a three-year Phase-In Bylaw for all commercial properties to ease the effects of the changes.

The change in the municipal portion of the levy will be phased in by two-thirds (2/3) in 2021, one-third (1/3) in 2021 and the full impact in 2023.

How to calculate your taxes

The amount of tax payable on your property is the result of a calculation based on four factors:

  • The assessed value of your property (set by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency)
  • The type of property you own (tax class)
  • The tax rate for your property (set annually by City Council)
  • The education tax rate for your property (set annually by the Province of Saskatchewan)

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the Taxable Value Assessment of your property by the combined municipal and education tax rates.

Where do my tax dollars go?

By using the online calculator, you will be able to see a breakdown of your property taxes.

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