City of Yorkton Cemetery Bylaw

Established in 1896, the City of Yorkton Cemetery is made up of the following five sections:

Office hours

Our Cemetery administration office is located in the Gallagher Centre.

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have questions, concerns, or need more details, clarification, or guidance in planning, please schedule an appointment and we will gladly assist you.

Appointment request 

Locate a loved one

Visitors can locate grave sites within the City of Yorkton Cemetery.


If you would like more help with your search, contact us at 306-786-1750.

Fees & Charges

All fees at the Cemetery are approved annually by Yorkton City Council. These fees and charges cover the purchasing of plots or niches, perpetual care, care and maintenance fees, and applicable surcharges. For more information or details on the fees and charges that apply, please complete the following application form.

Information Application

 Plot prices

The prices for plots in the cemetery vary based on burial preferences and location. For standard plots accommodating a casket, prices start at $1,755.00 and can range up to $2,865.00.

Cremation plots, which can accommodate 3 to 4 burials, start at $1,515.00 and can cost up to $2,385.00.

 Columbarium pricing

A columbarium is a structure or building designed to store cremated remains (ashes) in small compartments known as niches. For example, the City Cemetery features a columbarium with 72 niches, each capable of holding two sets of cremated remains.

Additionally, each niche has its own cover, which can be memorialized similarly to a monument. The cost for a niche, including the memorialization on the cover, is approximately $4,455.00.

 Burial prices

Burial pricing refers to the expenses associated with preparing the burial site. This includes tasks such as grass cutting, tree pruning, and the use of equipment for opening and closing the site. The cost also varies based on the type of burial.

For a casket burial, the average cost is around $1,700.00, while a cremation burial costs approximately $608.00. These costs vary depending on the size of the required opening for the burial.

 Other surcharges

Charges are in addition to the standard burial fees.

For weekend burials, there is a surcharge of $640.00 for casket burials and $320.00 for cremations due to the larger setup required for casket burials.

Winter burials (November 1st to April 30th) involve extra preparations for opening and closing. The cost for a casket burial during this period is about $1,045.00, while a cremation costs $440.00.


Any monument being installed in the Cemetery requires an approved permit, which costs $220.00. To apply for the permit, please complete the following document.

Monument Permit Application

Burial Options

We offer burial choices for both casket and cremated remains.

To plan a burial, we need the following information:

  • A death, cremation or burial certificate for the deceased.
  • Interment Request form completed by Funeral Home or Family.
  • Permission from the legal plot owner to use the plot (if required)

All funeral processions within the Cemetery will be under the control and supervision of the Cemetery Staff.

Please note:

  • 3 days notice (16 business hours) is required for winter interments.
  • 2 days notice (12 business hours) is required for summer interments.

 If you need more information or assistance with planning burial arrangements, please schedule an appointment with our office or submit a request for more information via email.

Interment Request application form 

Flowers and Memorials

It is encouraged to use secure flower holders or vases for artificial or natural flowers, wreaths, and decorations on monuments.

Flowers and decorations are permitted for 10 days after interments, after which they will be removed.

The Cemetery staff conducts cleanups in May and October. Items not in secure holders will be removed and kept for 30 days.

Anything obstructing maintenance tasks will be removed for safety.

All items in the cemetery are at the owner's risk; the City is not responsible for any damage or loss.


The City of Yorkton does not offer monument services. Contact the following local businesses for monument services:

Monument Permit is required for each marker installation. You can apply through a monument company to the City.

Engraving a niche or adding names/dates to a monument doesn't need a permit but must follow cemetery rules. Please contact the administration office to complete the engraving of a niche.

Read our Monument FAQs for more details, or complete our request for more information form.

Monument Permit Application Form

Commemoration Program

The Commemoration Program offers a lasting way to commemorate a person after they pass.

Recovery of unused prearranged lots

The City of Yorkton offers to repurchase vacant lots that families do not plan to use, helping to use the land efficiently. Please contact us if you do not intend to use your plot.

Cemetery self guided walking tour

The City of Yorkton Cemetery has a rich history for you to explore. Cemetery walking tour books are available online or at City Hall, Tourism Yorkton and the Western Development Museum.

Cemetery location

Our City Cemetery is located off highway 9 South and King Street East.