Available Properties

The City of Yorkton has land for sale and ready for development.


 Residential properties
The subdivisions below have residential land for sale. Click each link to see lot sizes and prices.

Contact our Economic Development office for more information.

 Commercial and industrial properties
We have three commercial/industrial subdivisions with available land. The links below show lot sizes and prices.

Contact our Economic Development office for more information.

Purchasing a lot

If you want to buy land from our inventory, we need the following:

  • An Agreement of Purchase and Sale between you and the City
  • A deposit of 10% of the purchase price
  • Full payment of the remaining purchase price within 30 days of signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

If you plan to build anything other than a single family residential home, please contact our Planning Department at 306-786-1727. They will let you know whether your plans are permitted and describe any zoning bylaw requirements before you buy the lot.

Holding a lot

You can place a lot on hold without payment for a period of 30 days. 

Place a Residential Lot on Hold

Placing a lot on hold gives you the right of first refusal on a lot if someone else expresses interest in buying it. It does not give you legal claim to the land. If someone wants to buy the lot that you have placed on hold, we will contact you. You must then do one of the following within 24 hours:

  1. Release your hold on the lot.
  2. Agree to purchase the lot.

If you want to place more than one lot on hold, we require a payment of $5,000 per lot. You cannot place more than five lots on hold at a time.

After the purchase

Once we receive full payment for the lot, we will transfer the title to you. You can start building on your land once you obtain the required permit(s) including a building permit and/or a development permit.

Finding a builder

Please visit our business directory to find a licensed builder for your property.

Terms and conditions

See our Sale of Residential Lots policy for more terms and conditions of buying a residential lot.