Commissions Committees and Boards

Advisory Committees and Boards are long term groups established under various legislation or needs of the City. Members contribute to the development of policies, procedures and initiatives by working with Council to improve services and programs for our community.

All Committee Meetings are open to the public and all meeting dates and times are posted on the Council and Committee Calendar.

The City of Yorkton Procedure Bylaw sets out the rules and provisions for the conduct of business in Council meetings and meetings of Council's committees.

Interested in sharing your voice?

How do I apply?

Thank you for your interest in participating in your local government. Currently, there are no outstanding positions for members on City committees. We usually advertise for new members in the fall. Please check back then or contact the Office of the City Clerk at 306-786-1717 if you are interested to learn more.

How are appointments made?

Applications are compiled and forwarded to the Mayor for review and recommendation. The Mayor's recommendations are taken to City Council for final approval.

What happens if I am appointed?

You will receive formal notification of your appointment from the Mayor's Office. The letter will indicate the term of your appointment and any other information you should know.

Current Appointments

The Mayor is an ex-officio voting member of all Board and Committee meetings, but is not included in determining a quorum.

Members of Council may attend Board and Committee meetings and may take part in the proceedings of same, however unless appointed as a member, shall not have a vote.

All appointments are served on a voluntary basis, with exception to the Development Appeal Board. Appointments expire on December 31, 2020, or as otherwise stated.

Board of Revision

2020 Assessment Year – Gord Krismer & Associates

Clint Krismer – Chair

Gord Krismer – Vice Chair

Aileen Swenson – Board Secretary


Christina Krismer

Jeff Hutton

Kirby Bodnard

Charmaine Luscombe

Brenda Lauf

Cam Duncan

Dave Lang

Gail Wartman

Civic Recognition Awards Committee

Mayor Bob Maloney

Councillor Quinn Haider

Councillor Mitch Hippsley

Tom Seeley

Gerry Peppler

Community Development, Parks & Recreation Committee

Delmar Zwirsky

Tonia Vermette

Don Pfiefer

Sheena Brown

Christopher Kosteroski

Donna Brothwell

Councillor Randy Goulden

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Municipal Heritage Sub-Committee

Gene Denischuk

Doug Kitsch

Larry Pearen

Development Appeals Board

Arliss Dellow

Richard Bolt

Dustin Brears

Sheldon Stechyshyn

Jerome Niezgoda

District Planning Commission

Mayor Bob Maloney – representing City of Yorkton

Councillor Ken Chyz – representing City of Yorkton

Economic Development Committee

Marty Sveinbjornson

Sarah Jakubiec

Connie Brown

Terry Tyson

Charles Ryder

Dustin Brears

Corey Werner

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Emergency Measures Organization

Requirement under the Emergency Act Section 9 (1) and City of Yorkton Bylaw No. 7/98

Trevor Morrisey, EMO Coordinator

Darcy McLeod, EOC Manager

Lonnie Kaal, City Manager

Jessica Matsalla, City Clerk

Ashley Stradeski, Director of Finance

Jeff Simpson, RCMP Staff Sergeant

Environmental Committee

Doug Kitsch

Tom Courville

Stefan Bymak

Sandra Bilan

Shannon Erickson

Matt Poier

Jason Signarowski

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Gallagher Centre Management Board

Councillor Randy Goulden – Chair

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Councillor Mitch Hippsley

Councillor Quinn Haider

Councillor Ken Chyz

Parkland Regional Library Board

To be appointed by the Yorkton Public Library Board

Planning & Infrastructure Commission

Patricia Zaryski – Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division

Gord Gendur – Good Spirit School Division

Dorothy Osta powich

Eleanor Shumay

Glen Tymiak

Mike Popowich

Eugene Fedorowich

Mayor Bob Maloney

Councillor Randy Goulden

Property Standards Appeal Board

Councillor Ken Chyz – Chair

Councillor Mitch Hippsley

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Mayor Bob Maloney

Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Yorkton Airport Authority Board

Mayor Bob Maloney

Councillor Ken Chyz

Councillor Randy Goulden

Councillor Quinn Haider

Councillor Mitch Hippsley

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Yorkton Business Improvement District

Bruce Thurston

Dave Nussbaumer

Gale Pelletier

Andrew Rae

Damon Syrota

Phoebe Buckle

Jordon Schenher

Corey Werner

Sandy Kerr

Doug Hull

Councillor Ken Chyz

Yorkton Housing Corporation Board

Mayor Bob Maloney – Chair

Councillor Ken Chyz

Councillor Randy Goulden

Councillor Quinn Haider

Councillor Mitch Hippsley

Councillor Aaron Kienle

Councillor Darcy Zaharia

Yorkton Public Library Board

Lauretta Ritchie-McInnes

Margaret Phillips

Eileen Dellow

Shirley Glauser

Juanita Brown

Councillor Quinn Haider

Darcy McLeod – Ex-officio