Mission Vision and Values

Our Mission

Working with our community, our committed and skilled staff make Yorkton the friendliest, safest and most desirable city in which to live and grow.

Our Vision

The City of Yorkton is a growing, dynamic, regional centre, where good things happen.

Our Values

Equality and respect

We treat each other the way we want to be treated by:

  • Valuing and recognizing each individual and team, their contributions, views and differences; and
  • Ensuring the equitable and fair treatment of all as a foundation principle of our policies and practices.


We inform people and are informed by them in a timely, open and transparent way by:

  • Creating a safe and risk-free environment for them to hear and be heard; and
  • Using personal and other means of communicating to ensure they have the information they need to help themselves and others, to understand the work of the City and to contribute to the practices, plans and policies of the City.


We demonstrate our commitment to honesty, openness, trust, respect for others, loyalty, consistency, accountability and sincerity in our treatment of each other, our customers and our citizens.


We recognize our mutual interdependence and realize that we can best achieve our team goals and common vision by:

  • Working together;
  • Co-operating and supporting each other in flexible and innovative ways; and
  • Providing camaraderie and humour along the way.


We support our Staff to excel and provide quality service by:

  • Providing them with the tools which encourage their best effort;
  • Encouraging and supporting innovation and openness to change;
  • Recognizing and rewarding their accomplishments and innovations; and
  • Supporting training and development opportunities for their personal and career growth.


To understand how our City is managed, view our Organizational Charts.


Our City keeps a Municipal Manual relative to the history of the City, its form of government, departments and general activities. The Municipal History Manual - 2021 contains information for the year ended 2020.