Bulk Water Fill Station

The Bulk Water Fill Station located on Highway #10 east is back in service. Thank you for your patience while we worked on repairs. 

The Bulk Water Fill Station provides 24 hour access for customers that need to fill a tank or water tank truck. Yorkton's water distribution system provides potable water to the bulk fill station. The bulk fill station meets standards set by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.

Payment Options

Coin operation

You can use quarters, loonies or toonies to buy water. Water volumes entered into the terminal are in cubic meters.

Monthly charge account

To apply for a monthly billing account for fill station transactions, complete a Bulk Water Services Account Application online or call 306-828-2470.


  • $4.55 per Cubic Meter


  • $20.68 per 1000 Gallons

You can find other fees and information in the Bulk Water Reference Guide.

Water tank requirements

For health reasons, we require all customers use a top load system with an air gap. Customers using the bulk water station require a two-inch female cam lock fitting. This fitting can be purchased from many local retailers.

Important reminders

  • Always ensure the fill hose is securely in place before accessing the control panel.
  • Ensure water has stopped before removing the fill hose and exiting the fill station.
  • Always close and secure the panel door when you complete your water fill transaction.


Located on highway #10 east, the service road access to the fill station is east of Deneschuck Homes. Please follow the posted signs to reach the fill station.

Step by step instructions on how to operate the bulk water fill station are provided on the terminal display.