Safe Needle Disposal

The most common reason for needle usage is with type one diabetics, who may require several insulin injections a day. There are many conditions treated with medications using needles. 

If a needle is found, call Bylaw Services at 306-786-1725.

Please note: the City of Yorkton Bylaw Services will not provide needle pickups on private property. Property owners are encouraged to use the safe handling instructions below.

Safe steps to take if you find a needle

  • Do not recap the needle. Needles on ground
  • Wear garden, work or medical gloves as a barrier, not protection.
  • Use tweezers, pliers or tongs to pickup by the end that is not the sharp end, and keep away from your body.
  • Place the needle, sharp end first, into a hard container while holding the container horizontally and ensure needles cannot poke through the side.
  • Put the container lid on tightly and tape it.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • Store the container in a safe place away from children until you can dispose of it safely at the listed disposal sites.
  • Please do not place needles in the City garbage or recycling containers. Place the needle in one of the designated drop boxes around the city.

If you suffer a needle stick injury:

  • Allow the wound to bleed freely. Do not squeeze the wound.
  • Wash the wound with soap and water. Do not suck on the wound even if water is not available.
  • Take careful note of the characteristics of the needle and injury (size, type, depth of penetration).
  • Do not recap the needle.
  • Contact your doctor or visit the hospital emergency department as soon as possible.
  • Package the needle using the safe needle pickup procedure in a hard-surfaced, enclosed container and take it to the emergency department with you.

Educate children about finding needles

Ensure children understand they should never pick up needles. If they find a discarded needle, they should notify a trusted adult immediately. 

Drop box locations

Yorkton Fire Protection Services - 9 Smith Street East
Yorkton Regional Health Centre - 270 Bradbrooke Drive
SIGN on Broadway - 345 Broadway Street West
Bruno's Place - 139 Dominion Avenue