Community Safety Officers

Your Community Safety Officers are responsible for enforcing city bylaws such as:

  • animal concerns
  • property maintenance issues
  • littering/illegal dumping
  • parking concerns
  • noise complaints
  • other bylaw related concerns 

Community Safety Officers also enforce a variety of provincial acts such as:

  • Traffic Safety Act
  • Environmental Management and Protection Act
  • All‐Terrain Vehicles Act
  • Snowmobile Act
  • Cities Act

Community Safety Officers are appointed through the Ministry of Corrections and Policing. Please read the Community Safety Officer program for more details.

Bylaw fast facts

Bylaw fast facts are brief facts about common rules that affect many residents or visitors in the community.

Bylaw Fast Facts

Report a concern

You can report a concern online or contact the Community Safety Officers at 306-786-1725.

Bylaw Services department

The Bylaw Services department includes the Community Safety Officers, Parking Enforcement Officer and the Bylaw and Safety Supervisor.

  • The Community Safety Officers investigate bylaw concerns, monitor properties for compliance with bylaws, issue parking tickets and enforce various acts such as the Traffic Safety Act.
  • The Parking Enforcement Officer handles parking enforcement in the downtown area.
  • The Bylaw & Safety Supervisor reviews and updates bylaws, supervises the Community Safety Officers and Parking Enforcement Officer and monitors the City's safety programs.

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