Speaking Before Council

You or your organization can present to Council about an issue, cause or activity at a scheduled Council Meeting. Your request must be submitted in writing.

Submitting a request

You must provide requests in writing, online or by email to the City Clerk's Office at least two Wednesday's preceding the Council Meeting you wish to appear at.

Address the request to:

Mayor and City Council
c/o City Clerk – City of Yorkton

Drop off in person: Second floor City Hall, 37 Third Avenue North, Yorkton, SK
Mail: P.O. Box 400, Yorkton, SK S3N 2W3
Fax: 306-786-6880

Or submit your request online:

Request to speak before Council

Requirements for submitting a request:

  • Full name of applicant or group
  • Mailing address
  • Residential or business address
  • Name and title of person presenting
  • Daytime phone number of presenter
  • Email of presenter
  • Date of request
  • Date of Council meeting presenter is wishing to attend
  • Topic you are presenting
  • Clearly state what is being asked of Council. Provide detailed information about why the information is being presented and the importance to the community.
  • Be sure to attach any material you want displayed or distributed to Council.

Presenting at a City Council Meeting

A community organization or member of the public wishing to make a presentation to Council on an issue, cause or activity, must provide a request in writing and submit it to the City Clerk's Office. Detailed information must be included clearly stating what is being asked of Council, why the information is being presented and the importance to the community. Please ensure that your request uses respectful language.

Requests must be received at the City Clerk's Office at least two Wednesday's preceding the Council meeting that the delegation wishes to appear at.

You will be contacted by the City Clerk's office when they receive your request. They may suggest that you speak to a particular City Department that has information relative to your item as they may be able to answer your questions. If, after that time you are not satisfied, you may request to be added to the Council meeting agenda. The City Department that you spoke to may also bring a report that pertains to your item to the same Council meeting.

Process for presenting at a City Council meeting

On the day of the Council meeting, be at City Hall by 4:50 pm. The meeting begins precisely at 5 p.m. City Hall is located at 37 Third Avenue North. Council Chambers are located on the main floor to the right of the staircase.

Once in Council Chambers, identify yourself and your group to the City Clerk and take your seats in the gallery area. If you do not have a copy of the agenda you will be provided one.

The Mayor chairs the meeting. He will welcome you and your delegation to provide your presentation when your item is next on the agenda.

One spokesperson approaches the podium, unless previously arranged through the City Clerk. Address the Mayor as “Your Worship”. It is appropriate to address City Council at the podium by saying, “Good evening Your Worship and Members of City Council”. You will have a maximum of five minutes to present. Please be aware that you may be asked to conclude your presentation if you go over this time limit. Always be temperate and respectful. Please note that any comments during your presentation must be related to your written submission.

The Mayor may deny your delegation at the Council meeting if in his opinion the delegation:

  • Is disrespectful;
  • Uses offensive language;
  • Shouts or raises their voice;
  • Uses remarks deemed to be scandalous or criminal; or
  • Addresses issues not contained in the submission.

Council response to presentations or requests


Once your presentation is complete, thank Council for their time and indicate that you are willing to answer any questions that they may have.

The Mayor will thank you for your presentation and ask the City Councillors if they have any questions. You shall respond to their questions in a respectful manner.

Please remain at the podium until the Mayor completes the call for the vote on your agenda item. You may then take your seat and stay for the remainder of the Council meeting, or quietly leave Council Chambers.

Council actions


Council will vote on a resolution to formally recognize your presentation in the Council meeting minutes. They may direct Administration to bring back additional information and a recommendation in a report to a future Council meeting. If this happens, Administration will be in contact with you to obtain and provide further information.

If your presentation and a related Administrative report are brought forward at the same meeting, Council may receive and file your presentation and indicate it will be discussed later on the Council meeting agenda. This only occurs when the community organization or public member has worked with Administration prior to presenting to Council, or if the City Manager has requested Administration to prepare a report to provide Council with further details.

The preferred process for requests is to work with Administration prior to presenting to Council. This streamlines the process for Council approvals.

A few days after the meeting you will receive a letter from the City Clerk's office including Council's response to the presentation.