Annual inspections by the fire department are performed to assess and mitigate potential fire and safety hazards in buildings. If you own a building, property, or business that falls under the types of inspections category, you must maintain compliance with the National Fire Code.

Request an inspection

If you would like your business or home inspected please call us to book an appointment.

Please note any active building permits will require an inspection by the Fire Department.


There is a $50 charge for inspections done for the purpose of licensing, ministry approval, or re-sale.

Scheduled inspections are done at no cost. These are arranged by Yorkton Fire Protective Services based on occupancy type.

Types of inspections

It is important as an owner of a building, property or business in Saskatchewan that you are aware of your requirements under the National Fire Code. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that a fire inspection is completed annually.

Types of inspections


Arenas, exhibition halls, restaurants, licensed beverage establishments, theatres and churches.


Hospital, nursing homes, residential care facilities and special needs care.


Seniors residential facilities, group homes, hotels and motels.


Office buildings


Shopping centers, shops and retail stores.


High hazards and processing plants

Rental properties