Milestone and Achievement Certificates

Our Mayor and City Council are pleased to support milestones, community events, achievements and special occasions such as:

  • Milestone birthdays and anniversaries
  • Speeches and special greetings
  • Letters of recognition
  • General event participation.

Written greetings

Mayor Hippsley can provide written greetings such as messages of welcome or congratulations. For written greetings, please allow 10 to 14 days advance notice.

written message request form

Attend an event

You can invite Mayor Hippsley or Members of Council to attend your organization's event or to bring greetings to your next meeting. In order to meet your request, please submit all inquiries at least 30 days in advance.

Event invitation request form

Certificates of achievement (COA)

The City of Yorkton Certificates of Achievement are a meaningful way to recognize citizens of extraordinary achievement. Yorkton residents who achieve international, national or provincial excellence in business, education, academics, science and technology, community service, the arts or sports may be considered for this special honour.

Criteria to be considered for a COA

In order to be considered for a Certificate of Achievement, a citizen must excel in one or more of the following ways:

  • First, second or third place in an officially recognized international level sport competition;
  • First place in an officially recognized national or provincial level sport competition;
  • First, second or third place in an international level artistic or cultural competition;
  • First place in a national or provincial artistic or cultural competition;
  • The achievement must have occurred within twelve months of the date of nomination;
  • Receive top international, national or provincial recognition for excellence in business, education, science and technology, academic achievement, community service or tourism development.

Who can nominate people for recognition?

Citizens, City Council and Administration may nominate individuals for recognition by submitting a nomination form.

COA nomination form

When and where will the certificates be presented?

Presentations of the certificates will occur at community events and in some occasions, at Council meetings.

More information

You can contact the City Clerk's Office at 306-786-1717 or by email if you would like more information.