Water Meter and Valve Maintenance

Water meters installed in all homes and businesses are the property of the City of Yorkton. As such, we are responsible for the maintenance or replacement of the meter.

Over the next few years, Yorkton will be upgrading its aging water meter system. This will improve efficiencies for the City and allow residents to better manage water usage and identify leaks.

Report a leaking water meter

Call us immediately if you notice a leak coming directly from the meter or from where the pipe joins the meter.

The property owner is responsible for all other leaks and repairs. This includes leaks at the main shut off valve.

Picture of home showing the service line connections
This photo outlines the property owner's responsibility as set out in the Waterworks Sewer and Water Management and Servicing bylaw.

Water valve maintenance

Every property has an isolating shut-off valve before the water meter. Owners must maintain these valves in proper working order.

Exercising the valves on a regular basis is the best way to ensure they do not seize up over time. If this is not done, it may break off when you need it most. We recommend that you exercise the valve at least once a year.