Official Community Plan

Yorkton's Official Community Plan (OCP) goes hand-in-hand with our growth management strategy, serving as a roadmap for us to follow in managing our future growth, land uses and environmental protection.

How does the Official Community Plan affect our City?

The official community plan helps guide our:

How was the plan developed?

Prepared with input from the community, the plan contains objectives and policies to assist us in coordinating our future planning and development, to ensure both meet the specific needs of the community.

The development of the Official Community Plan used the following resources:

Can the Official Community Plan be amended?

The Official Community Plan is a living document - it is meant to be changed and updated as the City grows and evolves. Planning and Land Use staff update the Official Community Plan as needed.

Your development may also require changes to the Official Community Plan before it can proceed.

Planning and Land Use will guide you through this process if required.