Subdivision is the process of creating or altering the legal boundaries of land.

If you want to subdivide your property, you will require City approval.

How do I apply for a Subdivision?

  1. Book a pre-application meeting with Planning and Land Use.
  2. Have a surveyor or professional planner complete the Plan of Proposed Subdivision and submit the Subdivision Application Form to Planning and Land Use in person or by email.
  3. Pay the applicable fees outlined below.

Your Subdivision application can take several months to go through the Subdivision Application Process.

Once the subdivision approval is granted by the City and the Plan of Proposed Subdivision is approved by Information Services Corporation (ISC) a Transform Approval Certificate (TAC) is issued.

Please note that the Transform Approval Certificate (TAC) requires you to take additional steps through ISC or a Lawyer to create title to the new parcels.


Our fees are described in Schedule B of the Zoning Bylaw.

  • $125.00 application fee 
  • Plus $125.00 per created lot or parcel
  • Plus extra fees for a Servicing Agreement, if required

Appealing a decision

You may be able to appeal a denied application, conditions of an approval or conditions of a Servicing Agreement to the Development Appeals Board.