Business Directory Help

The City of Yorkton will add you to the directory once you have a valid Business Licence. Apply for a Business Licence

I need to update my listing, what do I do? 

  • If you are in the directory, but have never had a password, please send us an email. 

  • If you have forgotten your password, visit the Login Page, and click to reset your password. 

What type of information can be added? 

Any business that is listed in the directory can provide information that will make their business stand out, such as - social media address, website page, logo, description, and more.  

Business change or closure? Questions? 

If you notice a business that needs an update, you have questions or feedback, please contact us. We appreciate your assistance, and are here to help!

Coding your business to show up in specific category searches

Your business name and keywords will help, but listing will also need to be manually coded with NAICS codes for the Business Directory. Depending on the services that you offer, you may be coded with more than one NAICS code. 

  • NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System codes. The standard statistical classification codes underlying all establishment-based Federal economic statistics classified by industry for the United States, Mexico and Canada. 
  • NAICS is one of the search methods used by the Business Directory of the City of Yorkton website. 

 What will you do with my information? 

  • We will promote your Business on our website, for free. 24/7! 
  • We will NOT sell your information to anyone.