Condominium Conversion

If you own an apartment building (with rented suites) and want to convert it to a condominium (with owned suites), you need a Condominium Conversion Certificate.

Condominium Conversion Certificates are not required for newly built condominiums. Condominium Conversions are subject to the City of Yorkton's Condominium Conversion Policy.

How do I get a Condominium Conversion Certificate?

Step 1: Submit the following information to Planning and Land Use in person or by email:

Step 2: Pay the application fee 

Step 3: Pay the Tenant Consent Survey Fee if required

Step 4: Your application can take several months to go through the Condominium Conversion Process;

Step 5: Approved applications must pay the approval fees based on the number of units.

What if my application is denied?

You can re-apply, but not until 12 months after the date of refusal and with consent of the tenants. 

What is the purpose of the Condominium Conversion Certificate?

  • To make sure tenants are not caused unnecessary hardship
  • To make sure there is enough rental accommodations available for residents