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Emergency Preparedness

Nobody can predict when a disaster may strike or how far-reaching its effect might be, but everyone can do things at home and work, that can help reduce the risk, or lessen damage after a disaster.  The City's Emergency Preparedness site offers some basic information about preparing for disaster situations.

For Government of Canada information on personal and family preparedness visit:  www.getprepared.gc.ca

The web-site www.saskflood.ca is maintained by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing.  This web-site will provide information to help residents prepare for possible flooding and provide updates.

Emergency Preparedness Week

Homeowners: Disaster Prevention and Preparedness

Protect your property with flood ready fixes

Protect your basement from flooding

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After a Flood

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Emergency preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities

Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan

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