HeadStart on a Home Program


The City of Yorkton has applied to the Provincial Government under its HeadStart on a Home Program in 2011. The goal is to see 37 entry-level homes be built from this program. Two applications have been approved:
   1. Good Spirit Crescent (7 semi-detached dwellings); and
   2. Fifth Avenue Estates (6 single family dwellings).

The City continues to work with WESTCAP MGT LTD., the coordinator of the program, for two other projects:
   3. CJ Houston (11 single family dwellings); and
   4. York Colony (6 single family dwellings).

The HeadStart on a Home Program is designed to increase the housing inventory for people on modest incomes.

The Cornerstone Credit Union and other participating credit unions are offering a special program to assist buyers to purchase a home.  Interested purchasers can contact:

Yorkton Branch
64 Broadway Street East
Telephone 306-783-9433