Recycling is one way that we contribute to environmental sustainability and reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill, which in turn decreases long-term costs by extending the life of the landfill site. Recyclable materials are not accepted in garbage collection.

Please view the Recycling Schedule to find out your collection day.

Recycling program partners

Recycling services are possible through partnerships in the industry. Curbside recycling collection is contracted through the Prairie Harvest Employment Program (PHEP). PHEP collects the recycling using a truck and trailer. Recyclable materials go to Recyclability Enterprises for sorting.

Learn more about our programs and its partners at Recycling Program Partners.

Recycling fees

A $12 recycling fee is charged on your residential utility bill.

Curbside recycling costs residents $6 per month:

  • $2 for Prairie Harvest Employment Program (PHEP).
  • $4 for Recyclability Enterprises sorting and baling.

Waste programs guide

Information on curbside recycling is available in our Waste Programs Guide, here you will find details on what is classified as recyclable or garbage and where your recyclable materials go. You will also find businesses who provide recycling for special items. The guide includes a map of our recycling zones, recycling bag placement tips, and more.

Download and use the City of Yorkton Recycle Coach application to set up collection day reminders and see what can be recycled and where.