Residential Garbage Collection

We provide a weekly curbside collection of garbage. Ottenbreit Sanitation Services (OSS) collects the garbage and transports it to the Sanitary Landfill for disposal.

Collection schedule and changes

Find your streets garbage collection day by viewing the garbage collection schedule, or use our Recycle Coach App search tool for a more specific schedule. Download Recycle Coach on your smartphone and sign up for collection day reminders.

Collection days scheduled on a holiday will always be rescheduled. The 2024 residential garbage collection schedule outlines the alternative collection days.

 Residential garbage collection fee

A $13 per month garbage collection fee is charged on your residential utility bill.

  • Multi-unit complexes with greater than four dwellings are charged $10.40 for each residential unit.

Roll out cart placement

Single-family homes and some multi-units use a black rollout garbage bin. Ottenbreit Sanitation Services (OSS) supply those bins to residents. To have your bin collected, it is important to put it out on the curb correctly. The Residential roll out cart placement guide can help you place your cart in the proper curb location for pickup. If your bin is stolen, damaged, or you have moved into a location that does not have a bin, contact Ottenbreit Sanitation Services (OSS) at 306-783-6995.

Garbage collection tips

Follow our Garbage Collection Tips to ensure your cart is collected. These tips include cart placement, commonly asked questions and reporting missed collections.