Ball Diamonds

There are a total of nine different ball diamonds that can be used for recreational or competitive level baseball, softball or slow-pitch.

Walk-on users are asked to not use diamonds that are freshly lined with chalk as those diamonds are intended for a private booking occurring later in the day.


Level 1

Level 1 diamonds receive the highest level of maintenance. These diamonds are set at competitive level standards, making them ideal for competitive or senior level baseball.

Level 1 diamonds include:

  • Jubilee 1
  • Jubilee 2

Level 2

Level 2 diamonds receive regular levels of maintenance. These diamonds are ideal for minor ball level teams, softball and slow-pitch.

Level 2 diamonds include:

  • Jaycee 1
  • Jaycee 2
  • Jaycee 3
  • Jaycee 4
  • Jubilee 3
  • Jubilee 4
  • Lion's

Diamonds are broken down into classifications to help determine fees, level of maintenance required and the level of play that can occur on a diamond.


Fees for ball diamonds only are applied for games and private rentals that require work before the booking.

Fees Structure
Diamond Fees 2024 Fees (taxes not included)
Level 1 $206.00
Level 2 $140.00
Other Charges 
Dugout cleanup $75.00
Lights (Jubilee 1 & Lion's) $105.00
Mound repair $125.00


Permits and rentals

To book a diamond, please fill out our Park Rental Request form. For inquiries of which diamond would best suit your needs, please call 306-786-1750.

Ball Diamond Locations

Questions or concerns

Report a concern or contact us by email for any issues relating to our ball diamonds.