Local History Books

Yorkton has a strong history dating back to the 1900's. Many historical places and events have been documented for us. We have created a variety of books for residents and visitors to purchase and enjoy.

Pioneer Ways and Bygone Days

Pioneer Ways front book coverBased on information from the City of Yorkton archives, "Pioneer Ways and Bygone Days", provides a close-up look of the old city centre of Yorkton.

Since 1882, Yorkton has a strong corporate history. York Farmers' Colonization Company of Toronto was instrumental in settling this area. Once the railway came to the new Yorkton site in 1891, it quickly prospered. The remaining commercial buildings and stories of bygone days are evidence of this early prosperity. 

Where can I purchase the “Pioneer Ways and Bygone Days” tour book?

“Pioneer Ways and Bygone Days” can be purchased for $10.00 from the following locations:

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Promise and Potential

Learn about the homes and other buildings of the early 1900's. These private homes and public buildings have architectural or historical significance.

The tour begins at the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre, 49 Smith Street East, and ends at 29 Myrtle Avenue. If you proceed at a leisurely pace, the walk will take about an hour and a half.

Promise and Potential can be downloaded below at no cost:






 The Cemetery walking tour book

Cemetery Walking TourTour the City of Yorkton Cemetery, located on the corner of King Street and Number 9 Highway South. Enjoy our beautifully treed 10.5 acres, while touring 28 sites. Stroll at your leisure, following the trail outlined on the book's map. Explore our history through the lives and stories of early pioneers.

Where can I pick up the Cemetery walking tour book?

The Cemetery walking tour book can be purchased for $3 from the following locations:

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Windows on Our History

Windows On Our History Book CoverThe book, written in 2005, chronicles Yorkton's history from pre-colonization forward. It is a project celebrating the Centennial of the Province of Saskatchewan.

Where can I buy Windows on Our History?

Windows on Our History can be purchased for $40 from the following locations:


The Whiskey Man

Whiskey Man front book coverWhiskey Man is the translation for the surname Bronfman. In the early 1900's, one of the Bronfman brothers was the main owner of the Balmoral Hotel. Written as a 75 - year celebration project in 2013, this is the saga of the Balmoral Hotel and Bronfman brothers. It is a compilation of research and folklore about the hotel's colourful past, local businesses and prohibition.

Where can I buy The Whiskey Man?

The Whiskey Man can be purchased for $10 from the following locations:

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