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The Bylaw Services Department includes the Bylaw Enforcement Officers, Parking Enforcement Officer, and Bylaw Coordinator.  The Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate complaints of bylaw infractions, monitor properties for compliance with Bylaws, issue parking tickets, etc.  The Parking Enforcement Officer is responsible for parking enforcement in the downtown area.  The Bylaw Coordinator reviews and updates Bylaws, corresponds with the public on Bylaw interpretation and educating the public on the need for Bylaws. 

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Bylaws frequently enforced by Bylaw Services are:

All Bylaws can be viewed here.


To file a complaint, please call and leave a message at 306-786-1725. 

When filing a complaint, please leave your name, phone number, address or location of the offence and a detailed description of the issue.  We will contact you if we require further information. 

Please be aware that for some Bylaw complaints such as barking dogs, cats running at large, etc. we will require a detailed written statement in order to issue any tickets for Bylaw infractions and you MUST be willing to testify in Court should the ticket go to Court. 


Cats at Large Information

Barking Dog Complaint Forms

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