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Applications for Building Permits are received by the Building Services Division for all construction, demolition, additions, alterations and renovations to buildings in the City of Yorkton. Building Officials follow The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act, the National Building Code of Canada, and the City of Yorkton Building Permits & Fees Bylaw 4/2017.

Plan review, permit issuance, site inspections, and final inspections and/or Occupancy Permits are completed by Building Services staff.

Click here to view a copy of the Plan Review and Building Inspection Program policy.

If you wish to fill out a Building Permit Application prior to coming to City Hall, please select:

 Residential Building Permit Application Form 

 Commercial Building Permit Application Form

Shipping Container/Sea Can Permit Application Form

 Demolition Permit Form

Pursuant to City of Yorkton Bylaw No. 4/2017, all persons in the City of Yorkton intending to construct, erect, place, alter, repair, renovate, demolish, relocate, remove, or change occupancy of any building within the City of Yorkton are required to apply to the Building and Development Office of the City of Yorkton and pay such fee as is described in Bylaw 4/2017.

Building Permit Fees

  Permit Type   Fee
1. Building Permit Minimum Fee $75.00
(a) Main Floor Level / Additions
$0.90/ft² ($9.69/m²)
(b) Additional Levels
$0.40/ft² ($4.30/m²)
(c) Basement Development
$0.25/ft² ($2.69/m²)
(d) Secondary Suite
$0.55/ft² ($5.92/m²)
(e) Garages / Accessory Buildings (Attached or Detached)
$0.35/ft² ($3.77/m²)
(f) Residential Deck

2. Extra Inspections
Building Permit fees are based on the service rendered and each project has a standard set of inspections. A single callback inspection to deal with an identified concern is considered to be standard operating procedure. If an inspection requires more than a single callback, this shall be treated as an added service and the Building Permit applicant shall be invoiced for the service.

$75.00 per inspection
3. Extra Inspections Performed by Contracted Inspection Company Cost of inspection invoice to City
4. One and two unit Dwelling and Residential Accessory Building Demolition $75.00
5. Multi-dwelling and Commercial Demolition $150.00 plus $8.00 per 1076.4ft² (100m²)
6. All Other Construction Not Noted Above $5.00 per $1,000 Construction Value
7. SAMA Inspection Fee for all Permits $20.00

NOTE: Temporary Curb and Sidewalk Crossing Permits will be required upon application for any building permits requiring use/access over City infrastructure (curbs, sidewalks)

Building Permit Requirement Lists & Pre-Screening Forms:

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