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Assessment Appeals

Each year the City of Yorkton opens the assessment roll so that you have the opportunity to review your assessment.  This process allows you to address any concerns you may have about the value placed on your property.  The assessment roll is generally open for inspection between February and March for a period of 30 days.  The dates are advertised on our website and City Ad.

The only exception to this is during a revaluation year when the roll is open for 60 days.

After you complete a review of your assessment and if you believe an error exists you have the right to appeal your assessment to the Board of Revision.   

The Board is appointed by Council to hear appeals from property owners who believe there is an error in their assessment.  The Board is independent from the city, and must follow rules set for them by Provincial legislation.  Based on these rules they can only listen to appeals that deal with assessment issues and cannot hear complaints about property taxes. 

The following are the steps required file an appeal:

1) Contact SAMA

  • first you must contact SAMA to discuss your assessment with an assessor
  • contact their office at 306-786-1370 to discuss how they arrived at the value on your property
  • after discussing your assessment if you still believe there is an error you can file an appeal

2) Complete the Notice of Appeal

  • the notice is:
    • enclosed with your Assessment Notice
    • can be picked up at City Hall, 37 Third Avenue North
    • can be requested by e-mail
    • or call 306-786-1736

  • on the notice ensure you:
    • identify the property under appeal (roll number and address)
    • list the specific grounds for appeal, along with the summary of facts you will use in support of your appeal
    • indicate the date you discussed your assessment with SAMA
    • include your mailing address along with phone number
    • sign and date form

  • include the applicable appeal fee
    • Agricultural - $100.00
    • Non-Arable  - $100.00
    • Residential/Condominium - $100.00
    • All other (based on assessment)
      • up to $1,000,000 - $300.00
      • $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 - $450.00
      • over $5,000,000 - $600.00   

3) Submit Appeal by deadline

  • your completed Notice of Appeal, along with the applicable payment, must be received by the Board on or before 4:00 p.m. the day the roll closes
  • the appeal deadline can be found on the Assessment Notice, and Notice of Appeal
  • the notice and payment can be mailed to:

    Board of Revision
    37 Third Avenue North
    P.O. Box 400

The Secretary to the Board of Revision will notify you, in writing, of the date and time of your hearing.

You can withdraw your appeal by notifying the Secretary to the Board.  If you withdraw 15 days before your hearing, your appeal fee will be refunded.

After the hearing the Board will notify you, in writing, of its decision.  You, or the City, can appeal the decision to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board Assessment Appeals Committee.  Details with regard to this process will be included in your written decision.

Tips to Remember

Failure to submit the required fees and information by the deadline will result in the appeal being dismissed.

If you or a representative do not attend the hearing you give up your right to appeal the decision to the next level.

The Board does not make the decision the day of the hearing, all appellants are notified in writing by registered mail.

If you file an appeal, you must still pay your property taxes to avoid penalties.  If your assessment is changed as a result of the appeal process, an adjustment will be applied to your account.

If you are successful in having your assessment adjusted your appeal fee is refunded.