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For Assessment Notice Information please click here    

Assessment is a way of equitably distributing property taxes across the city.  In order to ensure taxes are fairly distributed the Province of Saskatchewan requires assessed values across the province be updated every four years to better reflect current market values. 

The last reassessment was in 2013, and was based on the market data as of the base date of January 1, 2011.  The 2017 reassessment updated values to reflect the general property values as of the new base date, January 1, 2015.  Reassessment is completed on a 4 year cycle.

It is common for properties to experience changes in their property taxes as a result of the changes in the market place or economy.  An increase in assessment does not necessarily result in an increased property tax bill.

The City of Yorkton is "revenue neutral", which mean regardless whether assessments increase or decrease the City receives the same amount in property tax revenue. 

This ensures tax revenue is not affected by market fluctuations, and any changes to your property taxes are brought forward through the budget process.  In other words an increase in tax revenue is a result of the budget increasing, not reassessment.

Reassessment and Property Tax Timeline

  • May - Tax notices mailed out later part of May
  • June 30 - Property taxes are due
  • July 1 - Penalties on unpaid taxes are applied

To learn more about your assessment, please visit Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency .