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Fire Protective Services

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Tel: (306) 786-1795
Fax: (306) 786-6588


The department operates out of one centrally located station and manages a fully equipped fleet of emergency vehicles.  Our current fleet consists of the following vehicles:
E2 (Engine 2) is our lead engine. It is a 2002 E-1 and is equipped with a midship mount 1250 IPGM pump and includes cab seating for six fully equipped fire fighters.
E1 (Engine 1) 1991 midship mount 840GPM Pierce Custom engine
C1 (Command 1), is a 1997 GMC Yukon fully equipped for command activities.
C2 (Command 2) pictured above is a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder fully equipped for command activities.
Heavy Rescue (R2) is a 2005 Pierce Contender Custom 18ft which includes gear and equipment for vehicle extrication, hazardous materials, ice water rescue, confined space, and high/low angle rescue.
U1 (Utility 1) 1987 Utility Vehicle