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Don’t get Passive confused with Quiet. All of Yorkton’s parks are meant to be used! There are many parks and greenspaces throughout Yorkton that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors. Passive parks do not host play structures or sporting facilities such as tennis courts or baseball backstops, and are designed to enhance the community through the beauty of green space. Walking trails, benches, and picnic tables are provided for use, and these parks make great locations for informal play by families, friends, and neighbours. Some Passive Parks in Yorkton include: Appleton Park, Centennial Park, Elizabeth Park, Franko Park, Harris Park, Langrill Park, Morrison Park, Pheasant Cove Park, Riverside Park, and Tupper Park.

Ravine Ecological Preserve
Located on Broadway Street West, the Ravine consists of a hiking trail that works its way through grassland, aquatic and aspen parkland habitat. The 2.8 kilometres hiking trail will guide you through the preserve. While visiting, enjoy the natural integrity and the ecological education.
Arboretum/Dulmage Farmstead Heritage Site
Along the trail of the Ravine Ecological Preserve there is an interpretative signage about the Dulmage Farmstead, a municipal heritage site. You can see the remnants of the buildings from this important heritage site.

Shaw Park
Located North of Smith Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. At the centre of this large, open park is "Doorways to Opportunity," a provincial centennial gateway sculpture created in weathered steel by artist Lionel Peyachew in 2005. The interactive spiral connects the sun to significant Yorkton features. Walk into the past and return to the present with inspiration for the future!


Logan Green
The natural setting park space is home to the Hearts in Motion Pathway, 6 kilometres of trail that are perfect for walking, jogging or cycling. It houses the water management system for Yorkton's water treatment plant. Logan Green Park includes unique backwash water settling ponds with a fish pond and stream, four multi-use sporting fields, a botanical garden and a memorial tree park.


Logan Green Trout Pond
Fully stocked pond that provides a natural ecosystem with educational opportunities. A provincial license is not required, however hooks must be barbless and live bait is not allowed. A parking lot providing quick access to the fish pond is located off Queen Street, adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant.





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