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City Council approved the Cycling Network Plan in 2009. In 2010 on-street bikeways were established on Gladstone Avenue (Bradbrooke Drive to York Road) and Darlington Street (Gladstone Avenue to Husky Road on the east side of the City). The next phase of the Cycling Network plan connects City parks by utilizing both on-street, shared use lanes and new asphalt pathway development.

Multi-use pathways provide opportunities for youth and families to participate in low cost, healthy lifestyle choices. Asphalt pathways can be used for recreation or active transportation needs as it accommodates walkers, joggers, cyclists, strollers, skateboarders, roller blades, wheelchairs and other wheeled and non-wheeled modes of human powered transportation.

Winchester Pathway
Multi-use asphalt pathway development began along Winchester Drive in 2011. It connects Silver Heights Park (on Sunset Drive South) to Patrick Park (at King Street and Gladstone Avenue South).


Brodie Pathway
The Brodie pathway was developed in 2012 following the 2010 flood. The entire redevelopment changed Brodie Avenue from a residential street to a retention pond, skate park and pathway. The Brodie pathway extends southward from Broadway Street at Brodie Avenue along the retention pond and Patrick Park, and eventually connects with the Winchester pathway at the corner of King Street and Gladstone Avenue South.

 Mayhew Pathway
The Mayhew pathway was developed in 2014 and is intended to connect York Road to Broadway Street at Highway 10. The first phase saw the portion of pathway from Franko Drive head north and connect with the on-street bikeways at Darlington Street. This continued north to York Road in 2017. The Cycling Network Plan south of Franko Drive connects the Mayhew pathway with Broadway Street at Highway #10 using on-street, shared use lanes.
Highway #10 Pathway
The Highway #10 pathway is located on the south side of Broadway Street and connects Mayhew Avenue to the business community at the corner of Broadway and Highway #9. This will complete a loop heading north on Dracup Avenue, east on Darlington Street, south on Mayhew Avenue and then west along Highway #10. This pathway was completed in 2015 as part of the Highway #10 road rebuild project.
Pathway Development
The multi-use pathway asphalt pathway portion of the Cycling Network Plan is continually being reviewed and revised for priority development. Current development includes the Dracup Avenue corridor connecting the various business on Broadway Street at Dracup Avenue, and continues north to connect to on-street bike lanes on Darlington Street. This continues north to serve the Parkland College.


Click here for a PDF map of all our pathways.