Broadway Street Reconstruction

Yorkton Business Improvement District (YBID) Informational Meeting February 5, 2014

YBID hosted a general information meeting on future reconstruction of Yorkton’s Broadway Street corridor February 5, 2014. All infrastructure along Broadway Street between Highways 9 and 10 is nearing its end of life (some is over 100 years old) and needs to be replaced. This includes the roadway, underground water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer service plus the service connections to adjacent businesses and homes. The total cost of the reconstruction is expected to be in the neighborhood of $45 - $47 million, and will be the largest capital infrastructure project ever undertaken in Yorkton.

This was the first public meeting with businesses along the Broadway corridor to provide preliminary information on the needs, costs and construction time of the renewal process. Various reconstruction options were provided over periods ranging from three to 15 years. Presentations were made by the City’s Public Works Director Trent Mandzuk and Integrated Engineering design consultants Derek Trischuk and Darren Anholt.

Yorkton Public Works Department Presentation

Integrated Engineering Presentation

Minutes from the Meeting

For further information or if you have questions or suggestions regarding the project as it develops, please contact Trent Mandzuk, Director Public Works at (306 786-1760) or Phil DeVos, YBID Executive Director at (306-783-9243).

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