Roads & Streets Division

Roadways Manager
Clayton Werner
Office Hours:    
Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. CST
(306) 786-1760
(306) 783-5933
Street Address:   
85 York Road East
Mailing Address:
Streets & Roads Division - Public Works
City of Yorkton
Box 400
Yorkton, SK
S3N 2W3


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What we do:

The Roads and Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of paved and gravel streets, roads, and lanes within the City of Yorkton.  This includes maintenance programs such as street and lane gravelling, pavement overlays, cracksealing, and curb and sidewalk repairs.  It is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance and replacement of traffic control and street name signing, traffic signals, and line striping.  Roads and Streets is also involved in larger Capital projects such as major street upgrades and installation of curb, sidewalks, and pavement in new City developments.  In the winter months, the division is responsible for snow plowing, removal and road sanding to provide the best possible driving conditions. The division is also responsible for the storm sewer network and overall drainage which involves annual flushing, spot repairs and preparation for spring runoff.  Catch basins are repaired or replaced as needed. 

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Snow Route Parking Ban information

City Snow and Pothole Complaint Hotline

Please Fill in the electronic form below or call the City Snow and Pothole Hotline at 782-7669 if you have an issue regarding snow removal or would like to report a pothole  .  A City employee will investigate your issue and will follow up within one working day.  During periods of heavy snowfall, please park in driveways. This will assist clearing snow on residential streets.

Report Potholes or a Snow Problem  

Snow Facts Brochure

Note: Snow Dump Permits are Mandatory. Click here for Permit Prices.

City Snow and Ice Control and Removal Policy

View the Priority Maps

City Street Sweeping Schedule

City Streets are swept twice annually, Spring and Fall.  Fall sweeping is now complete for 2019.

City of Yorkton Street Sweeping map

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