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Environmental Services

Michael Buchholzer
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Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. CST
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Queen Street Water Treatment Plant

9 Queen Street West

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Environmental Services
City of Yorkton
Box 400
Yorkton, SK
S3N 2W3

What we do

Most of the services provided by the Department can be identified as essential services. Primary divisions managed by this department are:  Water Treatment; Wastewater Treatment; and Solid Waste Management.  The Department also administers outside consultants and contractors hired by the City relating to capital construction projects as well as operations relating to the water and wastewater treatment plants, garbage collection, recycling, large scale composting and landfill operations.

Logan Green Water Management System
The City of Yorkton is the largest urban centre in Saskatchewan that relies solely on groundwater.  Groundwater is obtained from five main aquifers and thirteen deep wells located within a ten kilometre radius of Yorkton.   Raw water is pumped to the Yorkton Water Treatment Plant where it goes through processes of aeration, filtration and chlorination prior to distribution to city residents. 

The new Yorkton Water Treatment Plant has been in full operation since January, 2011.  It is a high output facility, designed to meet the growing demands for city residential, commercial and industrial water use for the next twenty-five years.

The plant is situated on Logan Green in the south central area of the city and is part of the Logan Green Water Management System.  This area had already been zoned as environmentally sensitive and provides the ideal location for the water treatment plant and associated system.  Not only does the plant incorporate the latest technology in water treatment, it includes innovative and green methods of handling the plant backwash water generated from regular flushing of the filter system.  This concept involves the channelling of approximately 1,000,000 litres of daily backwash water through a series of settling ponds ultimately recharging the natural aquifer.   Due to the constant flow of water through the system, future plans involve stocking one of the ponds with fish to demonstrate the water quality created.  The existing pedestrian pathway system will be enhanced and will include an educational component on the environment and habitat in this area.

Fill material removed during excavation in the construction area provided an area for six new multi-use sporting fields for public enjoyment as well as a venue for hosting large scale outdoor sporting events.

The Grand Opening Video for the project produced by Saskatchewan Municipal Affairs can be viewed here: Municipal Affairs Video

Yorkton Water Treatment Plant Receives Awards

2013 FCM Sustainable Communities Award

2013 CAMA Willis Award for Innovation

2013 APEGS Environmental Excellence Award

The Environmental Excellence Award was established in 2005 by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.  It is given in recognition of exceptional achievements by an individual or team in the application of engineering, geological and/or geophysical methods related to environmental protection and preservation. 

2013 Saskatchewan Municipal Award

CWWA Innovative Technologies Award

Prairie Flood Management and Mitigation Seminar - March 2013

Bulk Water Fill Station

The City of Yorkton has established an automatic bulk fill station service for customers requiring larger immediate water volumes.  The fill station became operational in January of 2013 and is ready to serve a variety of customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Coin operation, prepayment or charge services are all available depending on the customers needs.

The fill station is located on Highway 10 East, next to Deneschuk Homes.

Water Pollution Control

The City of Yorkton owns and operates the H. M. Bailey Water Pollution Control Plant, a semi-automated secondary wastewater treatment facility.  The facility uses entirely biological methods, to process residential, commercial and industrial wastewater.  The resulting product meets all provincial water quality standards.

Untreated wastewater is not only a health concern, but also problematic due to the high oxygen demand it places on the environment. As solid matter in wastewater breaks down it uses large amounts of oxygen dissolved in the water. In an environment such as a lake or stream, this large oxygen demand destroys the natural balance, and aquatic life suffers.

The goals of the treatment plant are:

  1. to remove solid matter from the wastewater,
  2. purification of the remaining water, and
  3. reduction of the oxygen demand on the receiving waters.

This purified water is discharged into Yorkton Creek. The entire process is closely monitored, and testing is done on a regular basis.

Byproducts of the process are:

  1. methane (used as energy to heat the plant),
  2. biosolids used for agricultural fertilizer, and
  3. the purified effluent.

Solid Waste Management

Following Municipal Waste Regulations defined by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Environmental Services manages the collection and disposal of solid wastes and recycling programs for the City.  Many recycling programs have been developed in coordination with Sarcan (our local recycling depot) and other provincial and local organizations. These activities are coordinated with a commercial and residential waste collection contractor, local organizations (recycling) and the landfill operations contractor.

Solid waste collection services are provided on a weekly basis.  All waste is transported to the municipal landfill, two kilometres northeast of the city near the water pollution control plant.  The landfill is operated six days per week on a seasonal schedule.

Environmental Services Organization Chart

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