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24 Hour Bulk Water Fill Station


The City of Yorkton’s bulk water fill station is located at the Highway 10 Pumping Station, and allows for 24 hour daily access to bulk water.  Customers can fill smaller tanks up to and including large commercial tanker trucks.  The easy access terminal provides security and ease of use.

Bulk Water Fill Station Official Opening

Three payment options are available to customers:

Coin operation

Water can be obtained through the use of coins. Loonies, toonies, and quarters are accepted. Rates are currently $0.25 for approximately 15 gallons or 0.066 cubic metres or 66 litres, for $1 approximately 57 gallons or 0.261 cubic metres or 261 litres and for $2 approximately 115 gallons or 0.521 cubic metres or 521 litres.

Pre-paid account

Payments can be made in advance and credited to your bulk water fill account to allow for convenient access without needing the accepted currency. These payments can be made at the Queen Street Water Treatment Plant.

Monthly charge account

An account must be set up in advance and are mainly for customers needing larger, frequent water volumes.  Water purchases are made using an assigned PIN number and customers are invoiced monthly.  Customers will be required to complete and submit an Account Application Form:  Bulk Water Services Account Application.

Pumping stops when quantity entered is reached or “stop” is pressed. You are charged for the amount of water you have accessed from the system, not the amount that is entered. In instances where “stop” is pressed prior to your entered fill amount, you will be charged for the actual amount used and not the entered fill quantity. Water volumes are entered in cubic metres. A conversion table can be viewed here: Conversion Table

Bulk Water Rates

Bulk water rates are established by City Bylaw. View the Bylaw here:  Water and Sewer Rates

How to Withdraw Water

For health reasons, the City requires all customers utilize a top load system with an air gap. Customers using the the bulk water station will require a two-inch female cam lock fitting.  These fittings can be purchased from many local retailers. Always ensure the fill hose is in place before accessing the control panel.

Step by step instructions for the three payment options can be found here:

Cash Customer Instructions

Pre Paid Customer Instructions

Charge Customer Instructions


Location of Bulk Fill Station

Access to the bulk water fill station located on Highway #10 East, can be made by turning south, just east of Deneschuk Homes, following posted signs.


If you have inquires regarding the system, contact our office at 306.828.2470.

View our quick reference guide here: Bulk Water Fill Station - Reference Guide