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The planning and creation of a Water System Development Plan began in 2004, involving City of Yorkton staff and consultants specializing in this field.  The city needed to upgrade the aging treatment system to handle present and future water project demands for the next 25 years.  Many residents responded to a survey regarding water quality.  The objectives and information gathered assisted in building the framework for the waterworks system.

Federal and provincial government funding was obtained to assist in upgrading the waterworks system. Revenues received from monthly water bills produced the bulk of the city funding.

Yorkton is the largest urban centre in Saskatchewan that relies solely on underground aquifers for fresh water. Water is drawn from five main aquifers in various locations in and around the city. These aquifers are closely monitored by the City of Yorkton and are a sustainable and renewable resource. Well water is extracted from sixteen deep wells located within a ten kilometre radius of the city and pumped to the treatment plant for processing. Our new water treatment facililty allows remote operation of any combination of these wells. 

The Queen Street Water Treatment Plant houses two identical systems.  When it becomes necessary to perform maintenance, the plant can run using one treatment system without interruption of service demand to the community.  Having these two systems also gives us capacity to meet growing needs.

Water Treatment Process

View a model of the Queen Street Water Treatment Plant Process:   Queen Street Water Treatment Plant Process Drawing

  1. Untreated or raw water coming into the plant is first aerated to oxidize iron and manganese, the two most commonly found minerals in groundwater.  During oxidization, oxygen is absorbed by the raw water and converts the iron to a state that can be readily removed by filters.
  2. Manganese is a more difficult mineral to oxidize requiring the chemical addition of chlorine.  Chlorine is also used to disinfect the water.
  3. Potassium permanganate is added to aid in the oxidization process.
  4. The water slowly moves through a series of concrete tanks.  This allows for the oxygen and added chemicals (chlorine and potassium permanganate) to react with the iron and manganese, this process takes approximately two hours.
  5. The water is then filtered which removes the larger oxidized particles.
  6. A second filtration process removes the finer particles.
  7. The treated water then flows into an 18,000 cubic metre (or 18,000,000 litre) reservoir and is readily available to supply safe drinking water to the community.

View "Fast Facts" on the Queen Street Water Treatment Plant:  Queen Street Water Treatment Plant Fast Facts 

Backwash Water Treatment Process

The iron and manganese particles collected in the filtration process must be removed by using a system called backwashing. Filters used to remove the iron and managanses must be flushed on a regular basis creating approximately 1,100 cubic metres (1,100,000 litres) of backwash water daily. Normally backwash water is flushed into the sewage system, where it substantially and unneccessarily increases the amount of water being treated in the sewage treatment plant.  Some $3 million dollars was saved on infrastructure alone by using the settlement process and the city expects savings of $6.3 million in treatment costs over the life of the water treatment plant.

The water treatement plant incorporates innovative ways to handle this backwash water moving through a series of settlement ponds to purify it, before gradually recharging the natural aquifer.

All of the material excavated from the construction of the ponds and the treatment plant was used in the creation of six multi-use sporting fields just west of the water treatment plant.  This area is being designed to host sporting events with adequate seating, parking and washroom facililties.

View the overall layout and design of the Logan Green Water Management System: Logan Green Water Management System Drawing

View "Fast Facts" on the Logan Green Water Management System: Logan Green Water Management System Fast Facts

Drinking Water and Compliance Report

Click Here to View the 2017 Consumer Report

Trout Pond

Logan Green Trout Pond Restocked June 2017

Yorkton Water Treatment Plant Receives Awards

FCM Sustainable Communities Award

CAMA Willis Award for Innovation

2013 APEGS Environmental Excellence Award

The Environmental Excellence Award was established in 2005 by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.  It is given in recognition of exceptional achievements by an individual or team in the application of engineering, geological and/or geophysical methods related to environmental protection and preservation. 

2013 Saskatchewan Municipal Award

CWWA Innovative Technologies Award

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