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The City of Yorkton uses a water tower as part of the treated water delivery infrastructure. This tower was constructed and activated during the summer of 1999. The tower is 48 metres tall and has a capacity of 1,364 cubic metres. The purpose of a water tower is three fold, to act as a reservoir, a pressure release, and as a pressure regulator.

When water is pumped from the water treatment plants into the city's distribution water mains the infrastructure is filled. Any excess water flows up into the water tower. This process helps to regulate the pressure, reducing spiking, as distribution pumps are stopped and started. Also, if the demand for water exceeds the capacity of the pumps, the tower then acts as a reservoir, slowly draining, and maintaining pressure by the force of gravity.

Above is a vertical view of the interior of the water tower shaft.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Reduced amount of water main breaks and the costs associated with the repairs.
  • Guaranteed supply in case of extreme demand, such as during a fire.
  • Guaranteed supply in case of loss of power or mechanical failure of the pumps.
  • Consistent water pressure for customers.


A view of the previous water tower along with the partially completed new water tower.  (1999)