All you need to know about your 2021 Residential Taxes

Property Tax with Houses

The 2021 Tax Notices have now been sent out. The deadline to pay your 2021 Property Taxes has been extended to September 30, 2021.

Will the reassessment of my property in 2021 change what I pay in property tax?

Provincial legislation requires us to reassess your property every four years. In a revaluation year, some assessments will go up and some will go down. Your taxes will likely be different than last year depending on how your assessment changed.

To learn more about Revaluation and how it affects your property, please see our 2021 Revaluation page.

What is the difference between budget and taxes?

This year Council approved a zero increase for budget. This means the City brings in the same amount of money as last year. When we talk about budget, we are referring to everything that has to do with the City of Yorkton. This includes things like construction projects, roadway maintenance and upgrades, water and sewer services, employee wages, machinery upgrades and more. 

Budget is just one factor in your property taxes. The other factors that may affect your property taxes include education taxes and your property assessment. Since this year is a revaluation year, your property taxes may go up or go down based on what your property was assessed at.  

To learn more about the City Budget, please view our Budget and Financial Reports page

Payment Options

There are a few ways you can choose from to pay your taxes. Visit our Billings and Payments page to see which option works best for you.

Tax Payment Program 

Pre-authorized monthly payments can be set up for next year's (2022) taxes. Complete an application form and send it to us with a void cheque or deposit information from your bank. You can apply throughout the year. Payments are pro-rated based on when you enroll.

How are my taxes calculated?

Tax rate (mill rate)

Property tax rates are part of the formula used to calculate your property taxes. We multiply your assessment by the tax rate and divide that number by 1,000 to calculate your taxes. The education tax rate is established by the province. 

Mill Rate Bylaw

What is a base tax?

A base tax is a flat fee charged per property for certain City services. This includes Fire and Police.

Why did the base tax increase?

The residential base tax increased by $35, from $795 to $830. The increase allowed us to keep the tax rate lower for the residential properties.

During the 2021 property assessment, we acknowledged high density multi-unit properties increased more than the average property, and addressed this through the base tax. In the past the base tax for High Density Multi-family units was 90% of the residential base tax, this has now been reduced to 85%.

What is a recreation services levy?

Previously known as the Gallagher Centre levy, which was collected to pay off the debt incurred when we expanded the Gallagher Centre. The debt was paid in full in 2020, and Council agreed to keep the levy on for future recreation services projects.

These projects include:

  • Gallagher Centre upgrades
  • Kinsmen Arena upgrades
  • Deer Park Golf Course upgrades