Changes in Glass Recycling Taking Effect September 6

RecyclAbility and City of Yorkton logos

Historically all glass recycling took place at RecyclAbility Enterprises on Ball Road. As of September 6, this service has been relocated to SARCAN.

What is glass recycling?

It's a transformation process where used or recyclable glass material is passed through a machine that breaks, melts, and molds the glass into a new usable form.

What does recycled glass turn into?

In Saskatchewan, the clear glass is shipped to a company in Moose Jaw where it is incorporated into highway paint. All coloured glass is shipped to a company based out of Edmonton, where it is incorporated into insulation.

What type of glass can you recycle?

SARCAN now accepts certain types of clear, clean, coloured container glass free of charge. 

Please note: Glass products should not be placed in Yorkton’s curbside recycling program. All acceptable glass should be taken directly to SARCAN. This is for the safety of staff who are associated with the collection and sorting of recyclable material.

Glass that can be recycled at SARCAN 

Most food-grade glass products are recyclable as long as they are not excessively dirty.

Items that can be recycled:

  • Food jars – jam, pickle, peanut, and sauce jars
  • Food bottles – olive oil, vinegar, steak sauce, and dressing bottles
  • Beverage bottles – wine, beer, and any other drink bottles
  • Canning jars (sealers)
  • Glass storage containers

Glass that can’t be recycled

Decorative glass including mirrors, china, dishware, and drinking glasses are not recyclable.

What is not accepted:

  • Broken or dirty glass - glass must be intact and free from food
  • Oversized glass - glass jugs and glass carboys
  • Pyrex glass
  • Glass containers for industrial goods and hazardous products
  • Household glass - drinking glasses, china, and dishware glasses
  • Construction and decor - windows, ceramic glass, windshield glass, mirrors, light bulbs
  • Science, laboratory, and other medical glass products

To see the entire list of recyclable and non-recyclable glass materials, visit

What Are The Recent Changes in Glass Recycling?

The recycling process has brought various changes to the City of Yorkton's glass recycling process. Previously, glass from the entire city was collected at RecyclAbility on Ball Road. Residents could drop off coloured household glass and clear glass at the recycling depot at no charge. RecyclAbility was then returning these glass bins to SARCAN for recycling and downstream processing at no additional charge from SARCAN.

In 2021 about 80,000 lbs. of household glass was recycled following this approach in Yorkton. Effective September, SARCAN will no longer accept glass from the RecyclAbilities sorting facility free of charge. Recently, SARCAN completed the pilot testing program for recycling household glass with the City of Regina and the City of Saskatoon. Public participation in the pilot program has been excellent in both communities over the last three years.

SARCAN has collected and recycled over 300 tons of recycling glass within the last three years. In 2021, Saskatoon residents returned 1.018 lbs. of household glass per person to the Saskatoon depots. Most importantly, all the material dropped off at these depots has been diverted from landfills and effectively recycled. As a result of the successful pilot project, SARCAN has received authorization from the Ministry of Environment to extend the household glass recycling program opportunity to various communities across the province where SARCAN depots exist, like the depot in Yorkton.

Working with SARCAN, we can continue to recycle glass and contribute to their mandate "to provide a socially responsible and environmentally progressive recycling system which helps foster the sustainable development of communities across Saskatchewan. The province-wide association that provides services to the community–based organizations that serve people experiencing disability.”