City Council approves 2023 Operating and 2023/2024 Capital Budgets

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Yorkton City Council approved the 2023 Operating and 2023/2024 Capital Budgets at last night’s council meeting. The City thanks all residents, organizations and business owners in Yorkton who filled out the online Public Review form, the pre-budget survey, or spoke to City Council in the weeks leading up to the budget review.

The approved budget includes the City’s plan to invest in city assets and infrastructure improvements, and continue to provide the same level of service to residents as the prior year. A large portion of the increase goes towards paying for the inflationary cost increases on many expenses incurred by the City including power, energy, fuel and construction costs.

The breakdown of the proposed increase is:

  • Capital – 1%
  • Operations – 2.93%

This represents an increase of roughly $6.50 per month for property tax for the average homeowner, or roughly twice that for an equally valued commercial property.

With regards to the Water Utility, this budget includes the previously approved 4.75% increase to water rates as well as the $3 per month increase to the residential water base charge. Residents will see a total increase of approximately $5 per month towards their utility bills. This increase allows the City to better keep on top of its aging underground infrastructure.

Operating Budget Highlights (2.93%)

Just like everyone else in Canada, the City is affected by above average levels of inflation. As inflation sits at about 7% or higher, this affects all the goods and services the City requires to operate. Items like asphalt and aggregates used in construction are up 15-25%, electricity is up 8%, and energy is up more than 17%. High fuel prices affect the mobilization of equipment as well as drives up the cost of nearly all products the City purchases.

To offset inflationary item, the City looked for cost savings where possible, trimmed many operating line items, as well as launched a user fee increase across many recreational sales items.

There will be a 5% increase on registered recreation programming fees, drop in programming admission rates, and facility rental charges. Staged fee increases will begin April 1, 2023, starting with facility rental rates at the Gallagher Centre, and other room rentals at the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre and Yorkton Public Library. Arena ice fees at the Kinsmen and Westland Arenas will increase July 24, 2023, coinciding with the start of the 2023-2024 ice season. Drop in sports, indoor walking track, and waterpark fees will also increase September 1, 2023, at the start of the indoor fall season. Impact on the outdoor sport rental rates for ball diamonds and soccer fields will be seen in the 2024 season. 

Capital Budget Projects (1%)

The Capital Budget includes a 1% increase to taxes, or roughly an addition of $267,000. This brings the annual capital total to $4,910,000 for 2023. Since this is a 2 year capital budget, there is a 1% (minimum) increase for 2024 for the capital budget as well.

Some large 2023 capital items include the York Road project, upgrades to the Kinsmen Arena Ice System, upgrades to the Water Tower and a new Airport Terminal Building.

Projects approved in the 2024 budget include Traffic Signal and Pole Replacements, Highway 10 East Upgrades, and upgrades to parks and facilities around the City.

More information about the budget, including a detailed listing of capital projects can be found at