Logan Green Pathway Paving Project

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Paving for the Logan Green Pathway is now complete. Installation of the solar powered lights are expected to begin within the next two weeks. The project is expected to be completed by the end of October. 

The project has been accepted as part of the Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Program. The portion of the current gravel pathway being paved is roughly 2 kilometers in length. In addition, solar powered lights will be installed every 35 metres along the pathway. 

Fedorowich Construction is the awarded contractor for paving the pathway and Apperley Electric is the awarded contractor for the solar powered light installation.

The total project cost will be $884,835.00 with $353,934.00 funded by the Federal Government and $295,916.00 funded by the Provincial Government. The remaining $235,985.00 is funded by the City of Yorkton. 

The paved pathway will support different modes of transportation options such as wheelchairs, roller blades, skateboards and strollers.