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May 10 to May 16, 2007  

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Public Notice
Notice of Meeting

Protective Services Commission
The next meeting of the Protective Services Commission will be held on:

Date: May 15, 2007
Time: 7:00 a.m.
Location: Meeting Room “A” – City Hall



Next Council Meeting

The next council meeting will be held on May 14, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.




2007 Water Main
Flushing Program

The Public Works Department will commence a water main flushing program on Sunday, May 13, 2007 from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Flushing is required to remove the rust and sediment that has accumulated in the water mains.  City crews will be flushing the mains from approximately 8:00 p.m. through to 6:00 a.m. for four or five nights until completed.  Flushing will begin in Weinmaster Park and southwest areas of the City on the first evening and move towards city centre thereafter.

During flushing, the water will contain a considerable amount of rust and sediment, and may be discolored for several hours.  The system pressure will fluctuate during the flushing period.  Both the sediment and the low pressure can cause problems in the operation of plumbing fixtures, especially air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, and water softeners.  Doing laundry is not recommended, as the discolored water will stain clothing.  For this reason, it is advisable not to use water if it is discolored unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Residents who live in the areas being flushed should collect containers of water beforehand for drinking and cooking, before the flushing program starts.  Residents should use as little water as possible, and should avoid drawing water into their homes.  It’s best not to use your washing machine or dishwasher until the water color returns to normal.

If further information is required, please contact the Public Works Department at 786-1760 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.




Job Opportunity
Student Technical Assistant

The City of Yorkton invites applications for a
Student Technical Assistant – Waterworks Department

Are you pursuing post-secondary studies in Engineering, Civil, Water, Environmental or Biological Sciences?  The City of Yorkton is very interested in hearing from you as we have a challenging and interesting position for a Student Technical Assistant in our Waterworks Department.  The Technical Assistant assists and operates in the monitoring, operations, repairs, data testing and collection of the Water Pollution Control Plant, Water Treatment Plants, Water Tower and Wells and Landfill.

Major duties and responsibilities include:

  • Helps provide an awareness, training and experience in Municipal Environmental Protection, Water Pollution Control and Waterworks operations.
  • Monitors and controls unit process in consultation with operators and initiates change through the use of laboratory test procedures, flow measuring devices, calculations, instrumentation and independent judgment in order to achieve operational and treatment goals.
  • Aids in the daily operation and maintenance of the Waterworks and all associated equipment and machinery.
  • Involved in industrial/commercial waste monitoring and laboratory analysis.
  • Involved in Water Testing, Filter Analysis, component performance monitoring and the City’s Piezometer Program.
  • Assist with Bio-Solids application program .
  • Operate under the Wellhead and Aquifer Management and Protection Program.
  • Spread Sheet Creation and Data entry, with working knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Word processing.
  • Grounds/Buildings/Facility maintenance.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Must comply with the OH&S Act and Regulations, and all Safety Policies and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Use every reasonable precaution to avoid workplace incidents.
  • Successful completion of Secondary School and returning or intending to enter Post-Secondary education.
  • Must live in close proximity of Yorkton during the period of employment.
  • Ability to undertake heavy strenuous physical labour, work with minimal supervision and work collectively with co-workers.
  • Mechanical and Computer knowledge.
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Experience in analytical laboratory work.
  • Preference will be given to those individuals interested or pursuing Secondary Education in Engineering, Civil, Water, Environmental or Biological Sciences.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Class 5 Saskatchewan Driver’s License.
  • Possess and maintain RCMP Security Clearance.

Salary will be paid as a “Technical Assistant” in accordance with the current CUPE Agreement.
Interested applicants may forward by 4:30 p.m. on May 11th, 2007, your resume, including your reason for applying for this opportunity and the attributes you feel you possess to be successful in this position to: 

Director of Human Resources
Box 400 – 37 Third Avenue North
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
S3N 2W3
Fax: (306) 786-6880

The City of Yorkton wishes to thank all prospective applicants however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 




Job Opportunity
Water Distribution Operator

The City of Yorkton invites applications for a
Water Distribution Operator

The City of Yorkton is looking for a Water Distribution Operator who would be responsible for the safe and efficient, operation and maintenance of the water distribution and wastewater collection system and all associated appurtenances.

Major duties and responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for the installation, repairs and maintenance of water mains, sewer mains, hydrants, valves, service connections and all appurtenances.
  • Operates, calibrates, repairs, maintains, services and monitors equipment and stations.
  • Maintain and service any Lift stations and Booster station


  • Minimum of Grade 12 or Equivalency as determined by Saskatchewan Education.
  • Satisfy, possess and maintain a Valid W.W.C. and W.D. Operators Certificate as determined by Sask. Environment.
  • Preference will be given to those with post secondary education and/or equivalent related experience.
For a complete listing of the duties, responsibilities and qualifications required for this position, please visit Employment.

Salary will be paid as a “Distribution Operator ” in accordance with the current CUPE Agreement.
Interested applicants may forward by 4:30 p.m. on May 4th, 2007, your resume, including your reason for applying for this opportunity and the attributes you feel you possess to be successful in this position to: 

Director of Human Resources
Box 400 – 37 Third Avenue North
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
S3N 2W3
Fax: (306) 786-6880

The City of Yorkton wishes to thank all prospective applicants however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 




Request for Tender
Utility Mower

Tender must be received by 4:00 p.m. C.S.T. May 11, 2007.

Please send sealed tender clearly marked:

Utility Mower
New or Used
Department of Leisure Services - Parks Branch
City of Yorkton
Box 400
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
S3N 2W3

Details of Tender:
Used – Less than 1600 hours

If used, # of hours
18 horse power, diesel engine, hydrostatic 2 pedal drive
On board diagnostics, adjustable reel speed forward/backward for backlapping reels
adjustable down pressure value for reels, quick detach reels
3" diameter grooved front rollers, 3" solid rear rollers,
3 wheel drive, mowing speed 0-5 mph, transport speed 0-8.5 mph,
2 wheel disc brakes, power steering,
84" cutting width, 7" diameter reels, 8 blade reels,
hydraulic reel lifts, adjustable cutting height form 3/8"  to 3"
Please include all taxes, freight and warranties

Specifications are available at: City of Yorkton, Parks Office


  • Tenders shall remain open for acceptance by the City and irrevocable for thirty (30) calendar days following the date specified for tender closing.
  • Tenders received after the date and time specified for closing will be marked late and returned unopened.

Contact Person:

Inquiries regarding  the tendering procedure and particulars should be directed to:

Brian Dudar
Parks & Arena Manager
Phone:  (306) 786-1754
Fax: (306) 782-2606

The City reserves the right to reject any or all tenders.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.




Garage Sale Signs

Spring and Summer are the time of year for yard and garage sales.  It is illegal to place signs of any type, including those for yard sales, on boulevards, lamp posts, sidewalks or other City property.  Your best advertising is still your local newspaper.  Garage Sale signs are to be placed on your own private property for location identification.

City of Yorkton Sign Regulations Bylaw #16/2003 states the following:

  • No advertisement shall be permitted which is attached to a fence, pole, tree, or any object in a public street or place.
  • No advertisement shall be permitted which is attached to or standing on the ground in any public street or place.

Signs in violation of this bylaw will be picked up at owner’s expense.

Bylaw Control Dept.




Weed & Pest Control

Certified Pest Management personnel from the Parks Branch of Leisure Services are completing a number of Integrated Pest Management activities. All areas treated in this program will be signed accordingly.

The mosquito control program includes treating low-level water areas in which mosquito larvae are found. The product used to treat mosquito larvae is Vectobac, which is a biologically friendly product.

The Parks Branch will be utilizing PAR III in it’s broadleaf weed control program and Roundup will be used for total removal of weeds in identified areas. The City utilizes spraying equipment with drift control features that virtually eliminate any drift.

The Parks Branch of Leisure Services will also implement a program to remove the Richardson Ground Squirrel from sports fields and residential green spaces. Mounds and holes created by the Richardson Ground Squirrel will also be repaired.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parks Branch of Leisure Services at 786-1754.       




Equipment / Vehicles
for Sale by Public Works

  1. 1995 Ditch Witch P80 Rod Pusher. C/W Trench Box, approx. 220 ft of rod, various ends, sub-site beacon / receiver and custom built trailer. This unit has had minimal use. $9200.00 OBO
  2. 1987 Bomag BW-90ADL twin vibratory smooth drum roller, Serial # 101460200464. Single cylinder Deutz diesel, 35” drums, front and rear spray bars, hydrostatic drive. 893 hrs. $5500.00 OBO
  3. 1986 Chevrolet 1 ton with hoist, Serial # 1GBHC34T6GJ150428. 4.8L six cylinder, 4 speed standard, deck and hoist, 83676km. $4000.00 OBO
  4. 1991 International 4 Ton, Serial # 1HTSCNPP9MH375136. DT 360 diesel, Allision MT653 automatic, 2 speed rear, 11-22.5 tires, 5195hrs. C/W a 1967 Seagrave 9yd salt / sand spreader, self-contained hydraulics powered by a 20hp Honda V-twin. $ 20000.00 OBO

All are subject to a reserve value previously determined by the City of Yorkton.  If reserves are not met, acceptance of offer closest to the reserve bid may be considered.  For more information or to make an appointment to view the units please call John, Theo or Trent at the Public Works Dept. at (306) 786-1760.




Pedestrian Signals


Please be advised that the pedestrian signals at this intersection are currently down, but will be fixed as soon as possible. Please use caution when attempting to cross at this location.

Please remember that when crossing at a pedestrian signal, wait a few seconds after pressing the crossing button and look up for the lights to begin flashing before starting to cross the road. Proceed with caution and use your own best judgment. Remember to only start crossing the street when vehicles have come to a complete stop.




Gloria Hayden Community Centre
Summer Hours of Operation

May & June 2007

11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



The Kinsmen Walking Track
will open at 8:30 a.m.
Monday to Friday
throughout the summer months.

For more information call 786-1776.




Spring Clean-up Week

The week of Monday, May 7 to Saturday, May 12, 2007
has been declared by City Council to be “Spring Clean-Up Week”.

Residents of the City of Yorkton are requested to clean their properties and improve the image and appeal of our community.  To encourage participation, the City will waive the landfill entrance fee for residents of the City of Yorkton hauling in their own residential waste by car, half-ton truck or utility trailer for this period.

Please note that concrete will not be accepted at the Sanitary Landfill.  Please contact Public Works for additional information in this regard at 786-1760.  Also, some household items are considered recyclable and are accepted at Sarcan Recycling.  If you require more information, please contact Planning and Engineering at 786-1730.




City of Yorkton Sanitary Landfill
Entrance Fees

Cars  $ 2.00
¼ and ½ Ton Trucks, Utility Trailers, Sport Utility, Vans $ 6.00
One Ton Trucks, Tandem Trailers, Cube Vans  $14.00
Two and Three Ton Trucks, Tandem Trucks  $26.00
Semi-Trailer Trucks, Fifth Wheel Trailers  $37.00
Contaminated Soil (within City Limits)
$20.00/cu. yd.
Contaminated Soil (outside City Limits) $30.00/cu. yd.
Small Carcasses 
Large Carcasses  $44.00 
Recyclable Material
- Fee to be determined on-site by City Representative
- Vehicles One tonne and smaller are exempt
Construction and Demolition Wastes
- will accept clean wood (unpainted and untreated)  entrance fee only 
- will accept mixed Waste (concrete completely removed) $ 6.00/cu. yd.
- Mixed Waste (including any concrete) $25.00/cu. yd.
Out-of-City Garbage
$ 7.00/cu. yd.
Asbestos - Contact the City for Rates and Arrangements


Monday to Friday  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
             Saturday   9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday   8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
               Saturday  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Please enter not later than 15 minutes before closing to allow for material handling.

No person or persons shall operate any vehicle transporting wastes or other debris of any kind along or over any highway, street, lane, vacant lot, park or public place in the City of Yorkton unless the load is completely enclosed with a securely fastened cover as to prohibit any part of the load on the said vehicle finding its way to the roadway or adjacent premises.